The following holiday check list is for things we suggest you do well in advance of your holiday, plus those last minute details and it is intended only as a guide to do list or vacation check list to help ensure you do not forget anything vital for your holiday. Because everybody's needs are different, our holiday check list may not cover everything and some things may not apply to you.


Hence we have included empty tick boxes for you to add your own specific items to holiday checklist.
Please note it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have ALL your documents etc. with you. Internet Holiday Villas cannot be held responsible for any items that may be missing or incorrect on these holiday lists. This is a GUIDE ONLY. Print this page and refer to it regularly.

At least 8 weeks before you go checklist:
Find holiday accommodation
Check Passports valid at least 6 months
Check you have digital passport for USA
Check if entry visa's required
Check ID cards valid
Make travel arrangements
Reserve Flights
Check driving licence valid
Make car hire arrangements
International Driving Licence (if req.)
Organise Travellers Cheques
Order Foreign Currency / Travel Money
Buy annual Travel Insurance
Check household insurance valid
Check household security
Check if vaccinations needed
Check medication & prescriptions etc
Check credit cards valid / credit limit
Check credit card OK for use abroad!
Check mobile phone band usable abroad
Check deposit / bills paid
Check your luggage is up to the job
Book kennels/cattery/relative for pets
Organise house sitter / caretaker
Buy Guide Book for holiday destination
Buy a Phrase Book
Plan and make a travel itinerary
Break in shoes
Purchase FlightSocks - To prevent DVT
Defrost freezer in case of power cut
Mow the lawn
Check itinary and directions
Check if car needs servicing
Arrange airport parking
Organize transport to airport
Allow time for delays or cancellations


Just before you go on holiday checklist:
Cancel newspapers
Cancel milk deliveries
Collect travel cheques/currency from bank
Confirm taxi/relative to take to airport
Book taxi/relative to collect from airport
Photocopy passports x 2
Photocopy insurance documents x 2
Photocopy travel itinerary/tickets x 2
List Travel Cheque nos, store separately
List Credit Card nos, store separately
Pay any urgent household bills
Give your villa/mobile phone number to anyone you think may need it
Leave house keys with friend/relative
Leave 1 set of copies of passport, insurance documents and travel itinerary with friend/relative
Pack 2nd set of copies of documents and tickets in separate hand luggage to originals
Turn off, or set heating low
Connect a timer to turn a light on at night
Check all appliances (exc. fridge/freezers) turned off (inc. items you might forget such as water-softeners, immersion heaters, etc.)
Unplug computers, TV, microwave in case of power surge.
Water plants
Turn off taps
Store perishable items in freezer
Ensure enough provisions for return
Empty waste bins
Set secure answering machine message
Check alarms and security lights
Lock all windows and doors
Check car petrol levels etc.
Check (teletext) and allow for any delays

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