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General advice, travel info and tips
  • Don't carry parcels or luggage through customs for other people, and don't cross land borders with people you don't know.
  • Don't leave your baggage unattended and check all the luggage on your trolley is yours before going through customs.
  • Remove all old airline tags from your luggage. Label your luggage clearly with only your name, phone number (ideally a mobile) and e-mail address - Put destination as well as home address but DO NOT make your home address visible on luggage labels.
  • Put your contact details INSIDE your suitcases as well as tags on the outside - this is very important - use a friend or family's address not yours as your lost luggage may return home before you do.
  • Make a list of everything you pack, and even take a photo of it if you can, it will help airlines further identify your lost luggage. (Note: 1 in 200 bags are lost!!)
  • Tie brightly coloured ribbon or tape around each of your cases, it will make finding them at the baggage claim much easier. Also, check your luggage is not damaged or been opened whilst you are still within the claim area, some airlines have time limits for reporting.
  • Use your own padlocks on cases, the ones supplied with the cases are usually very easy to open.
  • Check your maximum luggage weight and size (i.e. 56cm x45cmx25cm in UK) allowance directly with your flight carrier, do not rely on flight agents information - paying for overweight luggage at check-in can be a nasty shock!
  • During airline check-in, check airline destination tag staff attach to your cases to make sure it's the correct airport code.
  • Buy a travel guide book for the country/location you are travelling to and learn the local laws. Things you accept as normal in the UK may be illegal in other countries - for example, in the USA it's illegal to drink alcohol in the street, and even to carry alcohol in the passenger compartment of your car!
  • Do NOT drink alcohol to excess at the airport, you will be refused entry to the plane if you are considered intoxicated.
  • Give your children a card with your name, mobile number etc., for them to carry at all times in case you get separated.
  • Take pre-addressed labels of people you want to send cards to, it saves time and ensures you have their postcode/zip.
  • Before you leave home make sure you have your most important documents in your hand luggage - i.e. passports, tickets, money etc - and the keys to your suitcases!!
  • Do not put car keys and house keys in checked in luggage.

Remember to allow extra time for increased security at airports and check rules and restrictions concerning hand luggage. i.e. No sharp objects allowed and in UK any liquids in hand luggage should be put in 8" x 8" transparent resealable bags. If in doubt check with local airports or BAA airport authority or Department of Transport.

Our holiday checklists on the next pages will help ensure you don't forget anything.

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Please note the above is intended as a guide only, if you feel we have missed anything important, let us know by e-mail at

Above all, be aware at all times, be safe and have a great holiday... we're sure you will if you book one of the beautiful villas, condos and apartments we have on

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