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  • Check now that your passport is valid and is an up to date version. It's advisable to ensure your passport has at least 6 months left before expiry at the date of your travel. Some countries will not let you in if your passport is close to expiry.
  • If you need to renew, check with your passport office for an estimated time for processing to ensure there is enough time to receive your new passport before travel, and remember, passport offices can get very busy high season causing delays - allow enough time.
  • Check your children's ages. From 5 October 1998 children under 16 have been required to hold their own passport. If they are on your current valid passport and are under 16 they will be allowed to travel. However, they will need their own passport at 16 even if the passport they are on is current and valid, and be aware that if they turn 16 whilst away, they will not be allowed to travel without a passport.
  • If you have to renew or amend your passport you will have to apply for separate passports for all your children whatever their age. (See the passport office website using the link below in the Visa's section.)
  • Ensure your passport is not damaged or defaced.
  • Store out of harms way in a secure location to avoid any last minute problems.
  • Keep a separate note of all passport numbers and issue dates.
  • Whilst away, do not carry your passport with you, carry a photocopy and keep the original in a safe place within your holiday accommodation. Check with the owner if they have a safe.
  • It is advisable to take another means of identification on holiday with you, preferably with a photo.
  • If you can, scan all your important documents, tickets etc and e-mail them to yourself as attachments just before you leave. If you end up losing everything you can always access and print them at a cybercafe.

Some countries need visas to enter, which should be applied for well in advance of travel. As this website is viewed all around the world, we cannot supply information pertaining to visa requirements from each country and we advise you to check requirements before travelling.

Visa information is usually available from your local passport office, most of which have a web site (use a Search Engine and enter "passport office").

For UK residents, information can be obtained in the Travel Advice section of the UK passport office website British citizens travelling to the USA may not need a visa under the Visa Waiver Program providing their stay is under 90 days and they are in possession of a valid return ticket - YOU MUST CHECK as there are other criteria required. More details can be found at: or

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